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Professor Zavos began a World-wide effort to consult with patients wishing to have a baby and overcome their reproductive difficulties. If you like to be seen by Dr. Zavos and receive his assistance and counseling, please write to us and provide us with a short personal history. The Professor is routinely scheduled to be seeing patients in Limassol, Cyprus, Muscat, Oman, Istanbul, Turkey, New Delhi, India, Athens, Greece, Beijing, China and Alba, Saudi Arabia during this year, 2013. We have a limited number of slots for those upcoming meetings and therefore, your prompt inquiry will be very advantageous. We will schedule you for any of the upcoming meetings at those locations as soon as we hear from you. We will provide you with more specifics about the location and the cost of such consultation after we hear from you. Do not miss this one of a time opportunity.

Prof. Zavos will be in Cyprus on April 25 - 28; Make your appointment now!

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"Treating Infertility is Our Passion and Our Business"

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to offer you the Infertility patient the opportunity to have access to our services for semen evaluation developed and made available World-wide by us and our associates at the Andrology Institute of America.  Through our various products & services that we put together, we aim to assist you right at the privacy of your home with the proper diagnosis and treatment of your infertility.  We realize how painful, expensive and time consuming the overall process can be and we have created these products and services for you to use in the hope to overcome the need to travel long distances and waste invaluable time and resources in becoming a parent.  Our dedication to our clients and many customers is immeasurable.


Labratory Today, laboratory testing such as routine semen analysis is performed in many different settings – from the large reference lab that performs complex kinds of tests to your own physicians office, where you might do a pregnancy test or monitor your ovulation. For years semen analyses are performed in many ways having in mind the male patient visit the testing site and providing the sample.  Due to the stressful situations, time consuming and sometimes, humiliating circumstances that this procedure requires, we at our facilities thought otherwise.  No more of this.


Professor Zavos: Regarded by many as the "Father of Andrology"
Director of The Andrology Institute of America's Facilities

You Can Have Your Semen Analyzed Without Leaving Your Home

It is now possible to have your semen analyzed without having to leave your home with the new Home Semen Analysis Kit.  All you have to do is collect a semen sample and send it to us via an overnight carrier and we will mail you a detailed, comprehensive report on your semen quality and provide recommendations. It's as easy as that!

The Home Semen Analysis is performed using state-of-the-art, computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) technology, and is cross referenced by our experts who have 25 years of experience in Andrology in order to ensure proper quality control.

What are some of the common questions? 

Who do we offer the test to?

Because of our total dedication in being the best, along with our national and international recognition, the Home Fertility Network along with the Andrology Institute of America (AIA) extend their services to clients and patients all over the United States and Worldwide. Our great tradition goes on and our successes speak for themselves.

All andrological techniques used by the Andrology Laboratories at AIA conform with the regulations and guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  This includes certification of the laboratory facilities by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA). The facilities of the AIA can be used by the individual patient their physicians Board Certified in Obstetrics,  Gynecology, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Urology or Family Practice.

All patients and or clients must be referred to us to us by their physician and should have a prescription for such referral.

How to Safely Ship Liquid Semen: Can Unsafe Semen Shippers Cause Genetic Abnormalities to the Child?



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