How to have a Home Semen Analysis done:

It is now possible to have your semen analyzed without having to leave your home with the new Home Semen Analysis Kit. All you have to do is collect a semen sample and send it to us via an overnight carrier and we will mail you a detailed, comprehensive report on your semen quality and provide recommendations. It's as easy as that!

Please review the items outlined below that can provide you with analytical instructions and examples as to what will be needed to carry out the procedure with step by step instructions. The items noted below are to guide you properly in carrying out and understanding the procedure correctly.  Contact us if you need further information or instructions.

All patients and or clients must be referred to us to us by their physician and should have a prescription for such referral.

For more explicit information, please click on the following links:

Andrology Institute of America brochure

Patient Instructions for Home Semen Analysis

Patient Instructions for Express Home Semen Analysis

BioTranz Instructions

Ordering the Home Semen Analysis

Sample Semen Evaluation Report


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